People & Values

Our team builds its future as if it were yours

We exist and live with, by and for human beings.


Our business culture and human values are the backbone of our company

We take care of the well-being and growth of our team members. What is it like to work at Optima?

Our mission

Simplifying the purchase choice of high-intent consumers

We enjoy spending time together at work

and outside of work as well

We organise regular events for various occasions to get the right balance between professional commitment and personal well-being.

We are multicultural

6 nationalities working together as 1 team

Our team fosters personal relationships with our customers contributing to the company’s overall success.

Tennis Table Players40%
Tech Addicts80%
Culture Lovers60%
Sports Enthusiasts75%
Environmentally Friendly100%

Our values

We’re more than a team of professionals dedicated to its mission

We are a committed partner with a results-oriented culture.


We trust our team because they are honest with their colleagues like they are with our partners.


We highly value our team because all of them are willing to reach the extra mile to perform their duties.


We trust our team as they are responsible and autonomous in their respective fields of expertise.


We deeply appreciate our team as they are proactive rather than reactive.

Continuous improvement

We are proud of our team members as they continuously moving forward both personally and professionally.


We love working together as skilled professionals as it stimulates us intellectually aiding our professional development.

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